House Rules and Regulations


Smoking is prohibited in any part of the Theatre including the dressing rooms and control booth.

  1. An Areté Access pass will be issued to authorized individuals upon surrender of a valid ID to the venue security. This should be worn within the venue at all times.
  2. Access to the stage area is limited to individuals with the Areté Access Pass. The stage is off limits to individuals who are not involved in the activity occurring onstage.
  3. Use of any rented or client-supplied special effects onstage (lighting and sound equipment, fog, haze, strobe, etc.) must be approved by the Theater Operations Division, prior to ingress.
  4. Food and beverages, with the exemption of bottled water are strictly prohibited within the theater premises.
  5. The Lessee will not be allowed to make any changes to the stage or any other parts of the facility without approval to the management. Fastening of screws and nailing to the stage floor is strictly not allowed.
  6. No painting of the stage floor or painting of any props in the theater building.
  7. No drilling of holes on the stage floor, walls or any part of the venue.
  8. Any changes to house rigging equipment must be approved in advance by the Theater Operations Division.
  9. All fire exits, aisles, hallways and stairways must be kept clear at all times in the event of an emergency evacuation. Nothing is to be stored temporarily/permanently in these areas. Cable ramps must be used when cables run along the fire exits, aisles, hallways, doorways and stairways.
  10. For audience comfort all doors must remain closed throughout the entire event.
  11. Receptions involving the serving of food and drink prior to or following events require approval from the Theater Operations Division and must be arranged in advance. Additional custodial fee may be required.
  12. The use of the scene shop is subject to availability. Lessee is responsible for bringing tools and equipment. Rental fees are available upon request.
  13. Lessee must provide the Theater Operations Division with a detailed description of all technical needs at least 7 days prior to occupation.
  14. Set-up of technical equipment must be included within the rental hours. These include rehearsals or sound check, a performance, and the strike of technical equipment.
  15. The Lessee must provide complete list of all persons to be allowed in the backstage area. This list must be provided prior to ingress and is subject to approval by the management of the theater. The management reserves the right to restrict backstage area.
  16. Artists, performers and the production staff are expected to maintain the backstage area, especially rooms and comfort rooms, reasonably clean and sanitary.
  17. Garbage bins are provided and shall be used accordingly.


  1. Theater management may refuse entry of any persons/suppliers/equipment.
  2. Smoking in the building and its perimeter is prohibited at all times designated smoking area is at gate ADMU gate 3.5 under the footbridge.
  3. Live animals will not be allowed in the Theater.
  4. Standing on or climbing over Theater seats in the audience area is strictly prohibited.
  5. The Lessee will be held responsible for all actions, behavior, and damages caused by his/her guests, attendees during occupancy of the facility.
  6. Security/professional event staff may be required at the expense of the Lessee and the discretion of the Theater management. Additional university security will be hired at the Lessee’s expense.
  7. Decorations must not be hung from light fixtures, ceiling, emergency lights, or acoustical wall or ceiling tiles. Displays approved by the Theater Operations Division are permitted in designated areas only.
  8. All plants, flowers, shrubs must be in water proof containers and must be carefully placed so as not to damaged floor, tables or block fire exits.
  9. Scotch or Duct Tape is Strictly Prohibited. Damage to walls and stage floor will warrant a repair fee. Masking tape or Gaffer Tape can be used.
  10. In case of loss and found, The Theater management will not be responsible for lost and found items, but will hold found items for a maximum of 30 days. Inquiries for lost item should be directed to the Theater Operations Division.
  11. The Theater Operations Division reserves the right to determine camera and operating console placements and positions for TV coverage and other types of audio and video documentation required by the Lessee.
  12. The Lessee shall be responsible for any and all damage to the Theater and its premises, equipment and property during occupation.


  1. Set- up crew access to the Theater can only be through the loading dock during ingress and technical rehearsals.
  2. Any items related to a client’s rental must be delivered or picked up via the loading dock and must be scheduled in advance with the Theater Operations Division. Unscheduled deliveries or pick-ups will be refused.
  3. Delivery vehicles should enter at the Katipunan Gate 3.1 to access the loading dock.
  4. All production staff, organizers, and performers are required to enter through the artist entrance.
  5. For security reasons, the theater security will issue an access pass in exchange of valid ID’s upon entering the loading dock during setup and event proper with no exception.
  6. Only authorized personnel shall be allowed entry in the Theatre premises. Therefore, the Event Organizer shall submit to the Theatre Management a list of his production Staff and artists connected with the rehearsals/ performances during the coordination/technical meeting. The management reserves the right to restrict backstage area.
  7. Theater Management shall design a team maximum of fourteen (14) seats, O9 - O22, per show as House Seats and shall be covered by the complimentary tickets issued by the Lessee and shall be for the use of University Officials and Areté guests.
  8. Actual curtain time should not be later than five (5) minutes after the scheduled time. Fines will apply for every 10-minute extension.
  9. The Philippine National Anthem shall be played at the scheduled curtain time.
  10. Standard Areté show protocol must be played on time.
  11. Rehearsal/Performances or any activity in Theatre shall be allowed only in the presence of the Event Organizer or his/her duly authorized representative and as approved by the Theater Operations Division. All rehearsals shall be closed to the public unless discussed with Theater Management.
  12. Members of the orchestra, cast and those connected with the performance/ presentation either as artists or technicians shall refrain from loitering around/inside the Theater, the Ateneo Art Gallery and from sitting on the Theater seats or using these seats as repository for their equipment and clothing. Backstage facilities are available for this purpose.
  13. Overnight activities are highly discouraged. The curfew for functions held at the Theater shall be 09:00 P.M. Start of Theatre Activities, therefore, shall be properly timed so as not to exceed the established curfew hour. Time schedules shall be strictly observed, all artists and technicians are expected to begin the rehearsals/performances at the established schedule. Any excess hours shall be charged to the Event Organizer accordingly.
  14. The FIRE EXIT shall not be used as passage / entrance by participants for the rehearsal and / or their companions.